Photos Needed for Cottle Yearbook!

Deadline for submission: Sunday, October 2, 2022

It is time to upload candid photos of your child(ren):

  • First Day of School
  • Field Day 2022

Important Notes:

  • Group Shots are prefered and/or single shots are welcomed.
  • Photo names MUST contain the student’s name and grade.
  • Please follow the directions closely, as to avoid confusion while navigating the site. There is NO confirmation once your photo uploads (to confirm, click on the blue <i> at the corner of the picture)

How to Submit Your Photos

  1. Click on this link:
  1. Click on “Photo Post” Choose State: NY, City: Eastchester, School/Organization: William E Cottle, click “OK”  *Note: Do not pick “New York” as it will not have the city Eastchester when you scroll down.
  1. Find the folder you would like to upload to and click on it (it will be highlighted in grey)
  1. Click on the “Upload” link just to the right of the list of folders 
  1. Pick the “Candid” not Portrait on the Upload Type pop-up window. Click OK.
  1. Click “Add Files” 
  1. Navigate to where your photos are saved on your computer, choose your photos to upload and click “OK” / “Open”
  1. Once uploaded, a Preview window will pop up – Input each child’s name & grade, one full name per box. For example: 
    • 1st box: Smith, John-5th 
    • 2nd box: Pan, Peter-4th 
    • 3rd box: Andrews, Julie-K
  1. “X” (Close) out of the pop up window and your photos will be there. To confirm, click on the blue <i> at the corner of the picture. At this point your photo has been uploaded successfully. There will be no confirmation box nor email confirmation. 
  1. If you closed the pop up window without including names, click the <i> to add the names. 

*Tagging your children will make it easier for us to monitor which children are in candids in the yearbook and which children need to be added.*

*No need to log in or create an account for this site. This secure site will allow you to upload the pictures without an account.

Questions? Please email