Volunteer for the Tuckahoe PTA Executive Board!


The Tuckahoe PTA Needs You!

If you are a parent, grandparent or guardian looking to volunteer your time to plan fun and educational events, partnering with school staff and exposing our children to the amazing world around them, then you are a perfect match for the TUFSD PTA Executive Board!

If this sounds intriguing to you, send a short email to the Nominating Committee at tuckahoeptanom@gmail.com by Friday, April 29, 2022  with the name of the position of interest in the subject line.


  1. Build Your School Community: Help to make the changes you want to see in your child’s educational and social experience.
  2. Make Connections: Get to know other families in the community.
  3. Access: Learn about the inner workings of what goes on in the schools and how PTA supports our schools to create a positive and enriching learning environment.
  4. It’s Good For You: Volunteering to do good and make an impact on your child’s school is fun, healthy and rewarding. You can also add it to your resume.
  5. Children Benefit: Research shows that participating in your child’s school and being actively engaged, leads them to perform better academically. Plus, it will make your children proud!

Ready to sign-up?

All committees have two co-chairs to share the responsibilities, and other parent volunteers can support your efforts.  All positions are two-year terms, and Board members attend monthly PTA meetings, typically held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm.  

If this sounds intriguing to you, send a short email to the Nominating Committee at tuckahoeptanom@gmail.com by Friday, April 29, 2022 with the name of the position of interest in the subject line. Let us know:

  • your name and contact information
  • grade(s) of each child
  • what committee you would like to co-chair (please consider including your first and second choice) and
  • a sentence or two about why you’d be good a good fit for the committee you’re applying for.   

Per PTA by-laws, the Executive Board will vote to approve the new slate at its May meeting, after which all applicants will be contacted about the outcome. 

The following positions need to be filled for the 2022-2023 School Year:

Executive Committee Officers (2-year appointment) (number needed for each committee in parentheses after title)

President (1) (need 2 years’ experience on the PTA Executive Board to apply) – Have general charge and supervision of the business and affairs of the association and preside at all meetings of the association, the executive board, and the executive committee. Sign and execute all contracts, agreements, or other obligations in the name of the association. Keep a current copy of the association’s state approved bylaws.

Vice President (1) (need 2 years’ experience on the PTA Executive Board to apply) – Assist the President with programming and oversight.

Treasurer (1) (need 2 years’ experience on the PTA Executive Board to apply) – Custodian of all funds; reconciles and reimburses for committee expenditures; prepares and distributes budget for monthly meetings; keeps track of budget lines; keeps insurance current. 

Corresponding Secretary (1) (need 2 years’ experience on the PTA Executive Board to apply) -Conduct the correspondence of the association under the direction of the president.

Maintain a file of all correspondence pertaining to the work of the unit and send notices of meetings as required.

Executive Board Committee Co-chairs (2-year appointment) (number needed for each committee in parentheses after title)

Communications Committee (1) – Communicates news of PTA events and programs to district families via PTA website, SchoolBee, principal newsletters, and social media.

Community Service (2) – Arranges for student volunteers to support PTA activities and other community-service projects. Help students achieve community-service opportunities to meet assorted requirements.

Cultural Arts Committee (1) – Coordinates student enrichment programs (e.g., assemblies, field trips) for grades K-12.

Health & Safety Committee (2) – Conceives and implements initiatives related to health, nutrition, and safety for the betterment of grades K-12 and their families.

High School Committee (1) – Develops and implements programs that serve students in grades 9-12. Past events have included: providing breakfast for college-rep visits with students; coordinating parent-principal town-hall meetings; planning and executing Taste of Tuckahoe catered lunch; supporting senior dinner and HS awards; and providing refreshments at THS graduation.

Hospitality Committee (2) – Provides refreshments for back to school nights, PTA general meetings, Student Support Meetings, some Principal Coffees, and PTA Volunteer Recognition Night.

Middle School Committee (1) – Plan and implement programs to benefit students in grades 6-8. Past events have included parent-principal meetings, Taste of Tuckahoe catered lunch, Color Wars (end-of-year game day), and graduation refreshments. Work with TMS administrators to determine programming.

STEAM Committee (2) – Formerly known as the Math and Science Committee, this Committee supports STEAM initiatives and programming throughout the district, including supporting the  STEAM teacher and resources at Cottle School. Past events include Math Night, Science Fun Day, and coordinating Curious on Hudson after school programs.

Room Reps Committee (2) – Recruits, organizes,  and  communicates with parents volunteers for grades K-5. Updates School Bee directory with student/parent information and disseminates PTA information  through SchoolBee and class parents. Oversees the DARE, Kindergarten and 5th grade graduations and assists the 5th grade room reps in organizing 5th grade events such as luau and fundraising

Student Support Committee (1) – Responsible for planning programs and speakers/assemblies to support students, teachers and parents in the special education community.

Ways & Means Committee (2) – Develops and implements initiatives to raise funds for the PTA. Creative thinking is encouraged. Oversees all fundraising sub-committee efforts and helps support their activities. Traditionally has also run the Cottle Talent Show, Handbag Bingo, and Day of Giving

Welcoming Committee (1) – Plans and implements activities to welcome families to the district. This has included hosting a meet-and-greet during the kindergarten bus-run, coordinating a new-families picnic, updating informational packets, and new-family outreach. 

SUB-COMMITTEE CHAIRS: (*Sub-committee chairs do not attend PTA meetings)

Cottle sub-committee: Halloween (2) – With the support of a committee, plan and implement the annual Halloween party for grades K-5.

Student Support sub-committee: Building Bridges (2) – Organizes activities and volunteers for annual Building Bridges event where parents go into classrooms to teach students how students with disabilities are both similar to and different from their peers, and help them see things from those students’ perspectives.

Ways & Means sub-committee: Yearbooks (2) – Creation of the Cottle Yearbook-includes coordinates with school photographer to get copies of all photos and works with teachers and administrators to ensure accuracy and inclusion. Organizes all photos to be included in the yearbook. Plans and organizes layout, graphics, fifth grade baby pictures, order forms and payment, fifth grade ads, labeling, and yearbook distribution.

Ways & Means sub-committee: Book Fairs (2) – Helps to set up book fairs, solicit volunteers to work at it, and track money received from purchases.

Ways & Means sub-committee: School Pictures (2) – Coordinates school picture days (first picture day, retake day, and cap-and-gown day) with the school office and picture company.

Ways & Means sub-committee: Spirit Clothing (1) – Coordinates sale of Tuckahoe Tiger and Cottle Cub clothing and related items to boost school spirit and raise money for PTA.

*Note: Committees have two co-chairs. Some committees have one vacancy this year (the other chair will be completing year 2), while other committees will welcome two new co-chairs.