Join Us for the Spring PTA General Meeting

The next Tuckahoe PTA General Meeting is Thursday, April 28th at 7:30PM, via Zoom. Join guest speakers Sarah Loader & Vanessa O’Friel of Prep Academy Tutors for their presentation, “Executive Functioning Skills Defined and Supported.”

Per the PTA by-laws, during the meeting we will vote on the current PTA budget and minutes from the last PTA general meeting. Both documents are provided here for your reference. Participants are asked to review these in advance of the meeting so that the PTA membership can vote on their adoption. 

Current PTA Budget

Fall General Meeting Minutes

Executive functioning skills are brain-based management skills required for all individuals to effectively pay attention, plan and prioritize tasks, solve problems, think flexibly, and self-regulate. These key skills include: organization, planning and prioritizing, task initiation and time management, working memory, and metacognition.

Guest speakers Sarah Loader & Vanessa O’Friel of Prep Academy Tutors

Tips for supporting key skills:

  • Homework routines
  • Digital and physical organizing
  • Brain dumps, to-do lists, and worst first
  • Task initiation and time management 
  • Passive and active study skills
  • Flashcard tips
  • Emotional control
  • Self-advocacy 

Here are some handouts you can download help build executive functioning skills at home. 

About Prep Academy Tutors:

Prep Academy Tutors is a locally owned, academic tutoring company serving students and families in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Our team of skilled, certified teachers offers in-person and online, customized tutoring support in all subjects for K-12 students, plus test prep, college essay writing support, executive functioning coaching, Orton-Gillingham reading method, and languages.