Reminder- Cottle Families: Upload Candid Photos for the Yearbook

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please click here for information on how to submit candid photos of your child/children to be featured in the yearbook. This is very important especially since parents are not allowed in the school to take pictures this year. We need submissions from all grades at Cottle, as students in every grade are featured in the yearbook. It is quick and easy and your children will love seeing these as they flip through their yearbooks!

Please add photos to the following folders in the yearbook website:

  • Bully Free Spirit Week
  • 100th Day of School (K-1)
  • Snow Day (fun snow days had by the students!)
  • Cottle Families’ Essential Workers (for the Cottle cubs who have an essential worker in their family) 
  • Valentine’s Bingo Night 
  • Valentine’s Spirit Week (Pajama Day, Wacky Wednesday, Disney Day, Red, Pink & White Day) 

Important notes:

  • Photo files MUST contain the student’s name
  • Please follow the directions closely, as to avoid confusion while navigating the site
  • There is NO confirmation once your photo uploads (to confirm, click on the blue <i> at the corner of the picture)

Photo submissions are due by Wednesday, Feb 17th. Submit your photos by following this link:

Thank you!    

Questions? Email the PTA

Melissa Kelly, Joann Colbert, and Joyce Arana

Yearbook Committee Co-Chairs

Tuckahoe PTA

Sample 1st Day of School photo
Sample Halloween Photo