Reminder- 5th Grade Families: Upload Candid Photos for the Yearbook

Dear 5th Grade Parents/Guardians,

It is time to upload candid photos of your 5th graders for the yearbook! 

Please submit the following photos:

  • 5th Grade Baby Photo (1 photo)
  • 5th Grade Through the years (Group Shots are preferred, but single shots are welcomed)
  • 5th Grade Kindergarten Class Photo (For children who didn’t attend Cottle for Kindergarten. There was an email that was sent individually to you for this request.)

Please Note:

Make sure you list the names of each child featured in the pictures. 

Carefully read the directions to avoid confusion while navigating the website. 

There is NO confirmation once your photo uploads (to confirm, click on the blue <i> at the corner of the picture)

Below please find an attachment with information about how to submit your photos, as well as the link to the yearbook upload website. Submissions are due by Monday, March 1st. 

Thank You!

 Click here for instructions on how to upload photos

Click here to submit your photos

Questions? Email the PTA

Melissa Kelly, Joann Colbert, and Joyce Arana

Yearbook Committee Co-Chairs

Tuckahoe PTA

An example of a “Through the Years” group photo