Tuckahoe PTA Holiday Ornament & Gift Sale

The holiday season is here! The Tuckahoe PTA is delighted to invite you to our Holiday Sale, featuring decorative and holiday items with school spirit. Click the link below to choose from a selection of ornaments and gifts to fill your stockings and decorate your home. Items may be customized with your family name, or buy personalized items for each family member (don’t forget extended-family members and pets!). The proceeds of all sales will be used to support PTA programs and services, which benefit our school community. Once completed, orders will be available for pickup in Chester Heights.

These are limited-edition items, only available while supplies last. Deadline for orders is December 14th.

If you have any questions, please email pta.ways.means@gmail.com 

Happy shopping and happy holidays!!


Tuckahoe PTA Ways & Means Committee