Letter from the PTA President


August 2020

Dear TUFSD Families,

As we begin the 2020-21 school year, we find ourselves filled with trepidation at the uncertainties that lie ahead. The COVID-19 pandemic has infiltrated every facet of our lives, and the school setting is not easily navigable with respect to balancing academics, social-emotional well-being, and safety. Even under ordinary circumstances, the start of a new school year is often filled with tension and anxiety.

The Tuckahoe PTA is here for all of you—for all of our kids. This year, we won’t be able to stage all the events the children look forward to each year, such as the Cottle Halloween party. But instead of focusing on what we can’t do, we’re concentrating on what we can do. We can…

  • Advocate for services and offerings to enhance the school experience
  • Enrich students through virtual offerings like STEAM programming, career panels, and other topics
  • Lift children’s spirits through morale-boosting activities
  • Connect the community through social outreach and opportunities for Tigers to help Cubs
  • Provide informational platforms to help families stay in the know
  • Support our teachers, administration, and staff as they rise to the many challenges that come with educating and protecting our kids in the context of COVID-19

As always, our programming depends, in part, on the revenue generated from our membership drive and fundraising campaigns. We recognize the financial strain that the shutdown has brought and are feeling that ourselves. With our spring and fall fundraisers canceled, we ask that you contribute if you can, as we strive to keep our expenses down. Your engagement is important. Please become a member, follow our announcements, join in our programs, volunteer to help out, or just email me your questions or ideas. The best way for us to serve all of you is to hear from all of you.

On behalf of the Tuckahoe PTA Executive Board (there are ~40 of us!), I offer our support throughout the 2020-21 school year. We stand for every child. Our mission: Every child, one voice.

Best wishes for the best possible school year for your family!


Susan Miele
Tuckahoe PTA President