Updated Deadline and Instructions, 2020 PTA Scholarship for High School Seniors

Tuckahoe PTA Scholarship Fund

2020 Scholarship Application Information

The Tuckahoe PTA is pleased to award six $1,000 scholarships to eligible seniors!

Students applying will be considered based on the following factors for eligibility:

  • Exemplifies the PTA mission
  • Displays leadership qualities such as initiative, dedication, and participation
  • Exhibits involvement in the school community, by participation in music, sports, student government, clubs, and/or other extra-curricular activities
  • Demonstrates school spirit and pride
  • Volunteers time and service to the community
  • Will be attending a four-year post-secondary institution

Eligible students will be required to submit written responses to the following questions on or before May 15th, 2020, to the Tuckahoe High School Guidance Office. Please share Mrs. Nickoletos in google with access to edit all applications to nickoletosl@tuckahoeschools.org. Written responses that are submitted after the deadline will not be considered. The Selection Committee reserves the right to conduct personal interviews before making final decisions. Applicants should submit information in the order listed below:

  • List all school activities in which you have participated
  • List all volunteer work in which you have been involved
  • How has your involvement in the Tuckahoe School Community enhanced your experiences in high school?
  • How would you describe yourself using personal attributes?
  • What do you feel is your single greatest achievement as you have progressed from Kindergarten through 12th grade?


Selection Committee Members:

  • One Middle School/High School Teacher Representative
  • One PTA Executive Officer
  • Two PTA Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs
  • One Co-Chair or member of the PTA High School Committee (excludes senior parents)


Checks will be distributed by the PTA after eligibility considerations have been evaluated. 

Scholarship recipients will be announced at High School Graduation.