Parents and Money Webinar

Parents and Money Webinar
Presented by The Establishment by Barnum Financial Group
Hosted by Isaac Cohen & Louis Bellantoni
Financial Services Professionals
April 15th, 2020
5:30pm – 6:30pm

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Webinar ID 203-372-482

Parents and Money

It’s not easy being a parent. You take on so many tasks that only a superhero could complete them all. If you’re looking to add “being smart about your money” to that ever-growing list, we can help. Being a parent brings so much joy along with spending pressures and overall expenses. How will you afford doctor visits, child care, dance lessons and college? Pitfalls abound, but so do opportunities to get your finances in order. With careful attention and a little discipline, you can create a financial strategy for you and your family. In Parents and Money, we will discuss the top money mistakes parents often make and how to avoid them. Plus, we will cover how to teach your children positive lessons about money from a young age. 

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